Join the fight


The world has been devasted by COVID-19. From the global economy to basic social interactions, everything has either shifted or come to a stop. As people search for solutions in a pandemic, real help may seem elusive. Yet science has not failed us here. New research on ultraviolet technology points toward a new tool in the fight against pathogens. The effectiveness of UV light against germs has been well-known for over a century. The secret behind the lower ranges of UVC, known as Far-UV, is now being uncovered via studies out of prestigious laboratories such as Columbia University and Kobe University. This research demonstrates that the nanometer range of 207-230 nm is the sweet spot for killing or deactivating pathogens while remaining safe for human interactions. We now have access to a skin and eye-safe COVID-killer. We present you with an opportunity to join us in fighting against the chaos this pathogen has caused. We hope you will embrace this mission and fight for your business, family, and friends.

Spread the Word

Your community needs to hear about this technology, so we encourage you to join us in spreading the word. As people become more aware of this tool, our worlds can open back up and we can again gather safely. Join us in being a part of the solution that can help put this pandemic behind us. Join the fight with light by sharing this technology with your family and friends.

Sponsor an Event

If you see the value in making our lives safer through the use of Far-UV GAL, we invite you to join us in bringing this technology to your community. We pledge to bring GAL to those most at-risk in your communities that struggle to gather safely due to financial constraints, such as public schools and local senior centers. The mission to make our everyday lives safer is the very foundation of our company and we ask you to join us. Join the fight with light.